How To Encash PayPal Funds Philippines

Do you have some money in your PayPal account but you don’t know how to encash it? You might also have the means to withdraw your PayPal funds but you simply cannot wait 3-4 business days before you can reap the benefits of your labor. We have a solution for you! We are a legit PayPal funds buyer/seller and we are here to help you encash your PayPal funds in less than 24 hours at a very affordable rate. Rest assured that your hard-earned money is safe with us.

(Kindly refer to our Facebook page for the updated guide)
Here’s how it works :

1. Contact us through our Facebook Page and fill up this order form. Please note that our old page was taken down by Facebook because of violation of terms which they still won’t reveal to me but rest assured that the new page is as trustworthy as the old one.

Full Name :
Address :
Amount of PayPal fund you wish to encash :
PayPal email address :
Accept your cash via  :


2. We’ll quickly notify you that your order has been approved, give you our PayPal account and also remind you of the exact amount you will have to transfer.



3. Send the exact amount of money to our PayPal account. Notify us that you have made the transfer.

Note: Make sure you use the “Send Money to Family/Friends” option in order to avoid any PayPal fees and also to provide protection against scammers.



4. Once we have verified your payment, we will immediately proceed to your chosen payment method and we will assure that you receive your money within 36 business hours. We will also send you proofs that we have made the payment.



5. (Optional) Share your experience with us by tagging us and/or making a review for our Facebook page.


For Gcash, BDO or BPI Bank Deposit (below 3,000 pesos)
– 100 pesos fixed fee plus 20% of the amount

For other Bank Deposit or Pera Padala (below 3,000 pesos)
– 200 pesos fixed fee plus 20% of the amount

For Gcash, BDO or BPI Bank Deposit (3,000 pesos and above)
– 100 pesos fixed fee plus 10% of the amount

For other Bank Deposit or Pera Padala (3,000 pesos and above)
– 200 pesos fixed fee plus 10% of the amount

You may choose to receive your cash via :

-Bank deposit (BDO, BPI, Eastwest, RCBC, Robinson’s, Metrobank)
-Pera Padala (Palawan, M Lhuillier, Cebuana, RD Pawnshop)

Note: You will shoulder any fee incurred for the bank deposit or Pera Padala. Fee will be deducted to the money to be sent to you.

Disclaimer : 36 hours guarantee is applicable to customers with verified PayPal accounts only. We reserve the right to decline offering our services at our own discretion.




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